Hi every one.the thing I'm trying to do here,is introducing a few movies I like every once in a while and providing you with some information about the cast,director,the genre of each movie and a small background of the movie itself. I belive watching films is necessary as we're not living in an English speaking country and we are mostly being taught academically.sometimes just knowing the gramaticall points is not enough and wouldn't work for those who go abroad and want to communicate with people because street-talk in every language differs from the standard language of the same country. I think the best way to improve our listening by movies,is watching an english movie with English subtitle.this way you can see what you hear. For today I have chosen a drama movie called Awakenings.It's based on the true story of British neurologist Oliver Sacks.It's about a doctor whose extreme and non-stop researches result in the discovery of a new medicine called L-dopa. this drug is for those who suffer from Parkinson(an advanced paralysis).He experiments the drug on Leonardo 1 on his patients.Leonardo completely awakes after some time and starts to adjust himself to his new life,however, happiness is the only thing life doesn't offer to him and... It was made in 1990 .Robert De Niro plays Loenardo and Robin Williams is the doctor . this mivie received 3 academy award nominations for 1-the best actor 2-best picture 3-best adapted screenplay I belive it's a deeply moving movie.