Hi all dear users,
In this part, we can enjoy our time and look at beautiful pictures with some short fantastic eternal English quotations written on them, I’m the starter but I hope you continue this part by uploading interesting pictures and quotations . :)
so Go ahead and enjoy it!


Hello again!

At first I’m really sorry for my delay!

But I was travelling for a few days, no internet connections so it wasn’t just my fault!

Then, I’m really glad that some friends join me in this part but I have some few points to tell you

1. At this part, I think we could have our quotations written on pictures. You know... I think if we spend more time on it and each time we upload one which is beautiful, it’s more interesting and usually visitors don’t like to spend lot of time to read long posts. And also if we have just one post each time, it’s easy for all users to read it and let us know their opinions.

2. Remember your quotations should have their writer’s name, if you don’t know the person; just write “anonymous” at the end of your quotations.

3. I’ll open some categories for e.g.: Life, friendship, greeting and etc.

If your quotations related to them, just go and edit the last post and upload yours. And if not, so you can have your own category for that kind of quotations. Remember to put number besides your quotations so after maybe 15-20 we could have the second category with the same name in order to interdict crowd.

If you like you can write your name at the end of any edit that u have.

And finally thanks for your attention and cooperation.

Good luck :)