Music note5

Music for EVER !

Hi everybody ! I hope you enjoy your life .

As I'm sure, you all guessed it right ! YES; It's all about music & how YOU feel about it ! Do you like music ? What do you know about music and Do you think it is enough ?!! What sorts of music are you interested in ?! In my opinion , everything in the world has its own harmony and ,of course, its own rhythm ; even those harsh sounds you hear in busy times of the city , everyday ! LIFE is like a music , sometimes up , sometimes down , sometimes ... & this idea made me ask if you dear classmates enjoy talking about music , its different kinds , classifying it & ... I mean an efficient look into music ! if you agree or if there's anything you think it can help more about it , just let me know by writing it down in comments so that, as each week I upload a special sort of music for you ( like Jazz , POP , etc. ) with its whole background & its specifity and everything about it, you can get more familiar with music ; because I think the more you know music , the better you can touch it !

So just let me know whether you agree or not !