Hello my friends. I have ceated this page so that you will be able to put interesting proverbs and learn extra ones.Please help me with your ideas.I am sure I will be able to improve it by your help

Clothes don't make the man Good clothes dont show good people
Beauty is in the eye of beholder What seems ugly to a person may seem beautiful for another
Don't bite off more than you can chew Don't accept more than your ability
Look before you leap Consider all aspects before doing something
There is more than one way to skin a cat There are some ways to acheive your aim
Practice makes perfect

To learn something one should try to repeat many times

Actions speak louder than words One's action is more convincing than their words
Variety is the spice of life Changes make life enjoyable
A leopard cant change his spots Aperson cant change his basic character
Leave well enough alone Don't try to improve something which is satisfactory
An apple a day keeps the doctor away You already know it!
One good turn deserves another A favor should be answered by another favor
There is no place like home The best place for a person is his home
You are never too old to learn A person can learn in any age
You cant teach an old dog new tricks Elderly people cant learn new things
Old habits die hard It is difficult to change a behavior

Now enjoy proverbs with their persian meanings!

Shake a leg عجله کن بجنب
A pea in every pod نخود هر آش
fly off the handle از کوره در رفتن
Famous last words خیلی دلت بخواد
A big head has a big ache هر که بامش بیش برفش بیشتر
Strike while the iron is hot تا تنور گرم است نان را بچسبان
Look before you leap بی گدار به آب زدن
Smell a rat کاسه ای زیر نیم کاسه است
Cross my heart به جان خودم
As easy as A B C مثل آب خوردن
He is out of lunch تو باغ نیست
Half a loaf is better han none کاچی به از هیچی
Just follow your nose مستقیم برو