meaning of some english names
 the origin of each name is written in front of it.
  Male names
Alan: agreement, balance, harmony  (Old German)
Albert: excellent, great, bright   (Old German)   
Alexander: defender of human       (Greek)
Adam: man of earth                 (Hebrew)
Brian: high, noble, strong         (Celtic,Irish,Gaelic)
Charles: manly                     (Old German)
Connell: friendship                (Irish,Scotish,Gaelic)
  Female names
Agnes: clean, true, holy           (Greek)
Aida: happy, joyful, rich          (Arabic)
April: to open, the spring month   (Latin)
Linda: beautifull                  (Spanish)
Nadia: hope                        (Russian)
Hetty: a star                      (Persian,Hebrew,Greek)

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Sh.A: It was amazing! could you please put the origin of each one so that we can know what languages thay come from?

Z.Soltani:sure. I will try to find the origins. thanks for trying to improve it.

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